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Dotnet Async Socket Server– 1.Introduction

Goal of this series

Using the SocketAsyncEventArgs and the Google’s Protobuf, we can make more fast and flexible socket servers easily.

In this series, I want to show you how to combine the SocketAsyncEventArgs and Protobuf components and to develop pure .net networking server with following subjects.



The SocketAsyncEventArgs class

“The System.Net.Sockets.Socket class has been enhanced in Version 3.5 for use by applications that use asynchronous network I/O to achieve the highest performance” … MSDN

The SocketAsyncEventArgs class is a context object for the new System.Net.Sockets.Socket class, which supports non-blocking network I/O with .NET 3.5. The context class provides wrapped IOCP over .NET framework runtime. With this advanced classes, You can make several high performance network applications such as chatting server,on-line game server, messaging middleware or a lightweight HTTP server Over IP networking.

The Google Protobuf

The Google Protobuf is one of the most compact and flexible messaging protocol frameworks in these days. We can easily define business objects and use them with auto-generated Codec(Serialization) classes. The framework is composed two main parts, code generator and runtime libraries. It is formally implemented as C++,Java and Python with documentations, but not as C#. But the framework provides add-on interfaces, so it is implemented as several C# projects like protobuf-csharp-port, protosharp and protobuf-net.

Check the following links you want more information about the framework.


We can see more information at below links.


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